What do you need to do when using the self-cleaning oven feature?

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One Off Deep Cleaning In LondonSince oven cleaning is such a difficult chore and is in fact considered to be quite bothersome, you may be willing to do anything to address the task quickly. One of the things that contribute to this end is a self-cleaning oven.

An appliance that ‘cleans itself’ can help you out on so many levels. You will be spared most of the time and effort needed to invest in cleaning burnt-on food debris and splattered grease. However, you must take specific steps to get the most out of this self-cleaning service. Here are few tips in that regard:

  • Ventilate the room – one of the things you should pay most attention to when running the self-cleaning cycle is the temperature inside the oven. Most such ovens rely on the process of pyrolysis, which essentially means heating up the accumulated debris to very high temperature. During that time the oven is locked down, and the door cannot be opened. Still, when such high temperature is involved, you can never be too careful. You must do everything possible to ventilate the room, or even take the oven to a balcony or other outside area. That way the heat will not be a problem.
  • Beware of carbon monoxide – another risk associated with the self-cleaning cycle of ovens is the buildup of carbon monoxide. It is released in the process of turning grease and other food debris inside the oven to ash. The thing is, carbon monoxide is dangerous to humans and can be in fact lethal to small pets. Birds are especially in danger since minimal doses of the gas can kill them. When running the self-clean of your oven, be sure to move all pets outside the room, or outside the house even. If possible, acquire a carbon monoxide meter in the room and keep an eye on it.
  • You have to wait some time – just because the oven can clean itself, doesn’t mean you should expect instant results. The appliance needs some time to reach the temperature required to burn debris to ash. Then, you have to wait some more for it to cool off. After all, you cannot just open the door of the heated oven and expect to wipe it off immediately. It is going to take you some time to get the process completed from start to finish.
  • You still have to wipe down the oven manually – did you think all of the spoils inside the stove will magically disappear from it? Yes, the stains and the burnt-on grease may have turned into ash, but all of that ash will be inside. It is up to you to wipe it down. Grab a damp cloth and get to it.
  • You may still need some extra cleaning solution – if there is any particularly stubborn stain, you may need to apply a little cleaning detergent. That is the only way to get stubborn stains off, as you wouldn’t want to run the self-clean cycle a second time immediately after the first.

By taking these steps when using the self-cleaning oven feature, you can bet the outcome will be a positive one.

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