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Oven cleaning isn’t necessarily as tiring as you imagine. The secret to having your appliance spot-free can be found in making use of suitable solutions. Products at the supermarkets are regularly costly, but the good thing is that you can have stunning results by utilising ingredients you have in your kitchen area. Here are the best oven cleaning solutions you can prepare on your own:

Vinegar and baking soda – have you ever noticed of the magical cleaning and odour-neutralising power of baking soda and vinegar? If you have not, it is time to convince yourself of their efficiency. For this, you have to remove the racks and use a baking soda and vinegar paste inside the oven. Let it sit overnight and wipe down with a cleaning sponge or cloth. After that, spritz a little vinegar to ensure that the dried baking soda is removed and the oven is further sanitised. Your appliance will look as brand new, and additionally the bad odor of burnt food will be eliminated.

Dishwashing liquid and lemon juice – what about the greasy racks? The best solution to that is to dissolve dishwashing liquid into a bucket of hot water and submerge the racks. The grease will be easily removed. When you wish to refresh their unique shine, slice a lemon in half and rub the shelves. Apart from making them sparkly clean, the lemon juice will get rid of the grease waste. As a bonus, you can utilise a lemon for cleaning all kinds of chrome-coated surfaces, sinks and faucets being notable examples.

Salt – you must know the old secret with sprinkling some salt onto a piece of fabric to remove an oily stain. Salt can come to your rescue when it’s time for your oven cleaning project too. Sprinkling the oven with salt will not have a positive outcome, but if you add similar parts of baking soda and salt and add some water to make a paste compound, you can rely on magnificent outcome. In case you encounter some relentless dirty spots, use a fine steel wool for their removal.

Baking soda paste – restoring the perfect form of the glass is the most daunting job of the oven cleaning procedure. Even when yours is a self-cleaning oven, you need to take care of the glass on your own. It gathers splashes of food and dirt and you have to commit at least half an hour to the cleaning chore. Again, baking soda is your dependable cleaning assistant. Mix a baking soda and water compound and apply to the glass. Set the appliance timer for fifteen minutes. If the glass is too spoiled let 20 minutes for the mix to be effective.

Afterwards, wipe down with a soft towel. Under no circumstances should you use conventional cleaning solutions such as a glass cleaner. When you do that, the 1st meal you make after the cleaning will probably smell like Windex.

Green cleaning solutions let you get two birds with one stone. You pay less and don’t expose yourself to the harmful ingredients commercial cleaning methods contain. These are reasons enough to give a try to the previously mentioned oven cleaning hacks. You can book your service today on 020 8629 5335.

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