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Cleaning the oven in your place definitely has to be among the most disliked home cleaning tasks. Nobody likes to clean an overly dirty oven, as that involves cleaning grease and other sorts of spoils from inside the appliance. To make things worse, when your oven is particularly dirty, you must pay special care to the oven door.

This feature of the oven is tricky to clean, because glass needs a different approach. That’s mainly because of the fact that it takes the most damage in the form of stains and spills. In spite of the difficulties, you can clean the glass, even if it has become so filthy that you cannot see through it. Just consider these tips:

Acquire the needed items – for this task you will need half a cup of baking soda, water and a clean cloth to clean with. A microfibre towel also does the job. Baking soda is featured for a number of reasons: it is environmentally-friendly, simple to acquire, doesn’t cost much and is well-known for its cleaning potential. It may look surprising to you that these items make for a successful oven cleaning recipe, but they’ve proven their value.

Mix up water and baking soda in a bowl – if you have everything needed, start the work. Get a small bowl and combine water and baking soda. There is no appropriate ratio to consider. Rather, your goal should be to get a paste-like consistency, which allows for effortless spreading. Do not make the paste too thick, otherwise it’ll not spread and clean easy. Do not make it too liquid too, as it will not be as effective.

Spread the solution – open the oven door and apply the mixture on the glass. To address this more efficiently, you can even detach the oven door. Resort to this if you are confident in your handyman skills. You don’t want to damage the oven and turn a simple cleaning session into a costly damaging act.

Wait some time – when you’ve spread the paste to cover the oven glass, it’s time to wait. Do not ever make the mistake of cleaning the mess immediately, as it will not work. The baking soda solution must stay some time on the oven door so that the soda can soften the spoils. Fifteen minutes should do it, but you can up that time to 30 if the door is really filthy.

Wipe it down – when enough time has passed, it is time to wipe down the oven door. Use the clean rag or microfibre cloth and dampen it slightly. Now is the time to feel impressed at how easy to clean the oven door is. The grime will just wipe off completely, leaving the door like new!

Shocking as it may be, cleaning the oven door with baking soda and water is a fantastic cleaning technique. It saves you the need to go after costly oven cleaning detergents, which are not merely unproductive in multiple scenarios, but also dangerous for your wellbeing.

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