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May 4, 2017
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Kitchens are well known for being the dirtiest place in every household and it takes quite a lot of time and effort to maintain them in a clean and organised state. But have you ever considered how you can optimise the cleaning process so that you have a nice-looking kitchen area without spending several hours per week on maintenance? Additionally, do you think that your cleaning knowledge is effective in keeping germs and clutter at bay? Here are the most common kitchen cleaning mistakes a lot of people make and as a result, they never manage to keep the kitchen and appliances as clean as they want.

You let pans air dry – You have likely heard that non-sticky pans should not be put in the dishwasher. You must also be well aware that you shouldn’t vigorously scrub the surface to remove the burnt on food. However, there’s one more thing you should do to extend the lifespan of the Teflon pans. You should always hand dry them. Cleaning the excess liquid helps prevent rust.

You don’t clean your self-cleaning oven – The word self-cleaning oven is self-explanatory. In other terms, many owners of such appliances believe that the dirt will simply take care of. Still, the self-cleaning feature can cause you a lot of issues because the high temperature required for the self-cleaning process can lead to burnt out panels. In other words, you can save yourself the needless hassle if you strictly follow manufacturer’s instructions. Then again, you can simply hire an oven cleaning service and have your oven’s interior cleaned in a matter of hours. Make sure you inform the cleaners that it is a self-cleaning oven to ensure that they bring proper detergents.

You utilise a multi-purpose cleaner on metal surfaces – Multi-purpose cleaning products are perfect when it comes to removing a small spot on the countertop or a greasy fingerprint from the fridge door. Still, they are not the best choice for cleaning metal and stainless steel surfaces. Don’t apply a multi-purpose cleaner on faucets and gadgets. It is better to obtain a specialised detergent or clean stainless steel surfaces with lemon juice.

You do not clean the coffee machine – Coffee machines are some of the most frequently ignored kitchen appliances. You should regularly sanitise all detachable parts plus the water container. The same goes for the water filtering pitcher. It does take frequent cleaning.

You clean the cutting boards with dishwashing liquid alone – When you chop meat you should take measures to stop cross-contamination. Sadly, cleaning the cutting board with a sponge and dishwashing liquid is far from sufficient. The best way to prevent cross- contamination is to soak it in a bleach solution.

Keeping your kitchen germ and dirt free is a time-consuming task, but the cleaning chores will not be so difficult provided that you establish a cleaning schedule. Distribute all cleaning tasks to a different day and never put off doing the most imminent ones.

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