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It does not matter whether or not you’re an enthusiastic traveller who heads to a new destination every weekend or you go on a road trip every year, long distances really have an impact on your car. You should be well aware of that before you go to any destination, just as much as you have to ensure that everything under the hood is fine. But how can you deal with the mess and how can you avoid spills on the upholstery and food remains left on the back seat? Following are some helpful tips that will allow you to keep the decent state of your vehicle when driving long distances:

Are you driving alone or with others? – Based on your particular case, act wisely to protect the car seats against stains. Put cup holders for every passenger and kindly ask your friends to request a lid for their drink.

Get a bag for waste – if you do not like to pull over each time you get hungry, get a waste bag for food remains and food packaging and dispose of it in the trash bin the next time you stop for a break.

Prepare essential sanitising items – if you are going on a two-week road trip, keeping a level of cleanliness in the car is quite difficult. Germs and spoils stick on the steering wheel and dashboard and as a result on your hands. That’s why it is essential to have some general cleaning items with you. These include hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial baby wipes. You can use them for cleaning the surfaces in the vehicle and your hands as well.

What about smells? – if you don’t want to stop every time you wish to light a cigarette, it is likely that you’ll just smoke in the vehicle and the bad smell will absorb into the car seats. Opening the window remedies the situation, but if you want to maintain the vehicle interior fresh, prepare an air freshener containing essential oils. You can even mix one on your own. Get a spray bottle, pour some water and add as many drops of essential oil as you wish. Use it every time you get into the vehicle.

Do not get into the vehicle with soiled shoes – if you have spent some time on the beach, ensure you stomp off your feet before getting into the vehicle. Cleaning sand from the mats is daunting and time-consuming, so you’d better spare yourself the hassle. The same applies for grime.

Deep car clean-up – surely, the instructions outlined above are helpful, indeed. Yet, they can’t replace a deep expert clean up of the car inside and outside. In this respect, the first thing you must do when you get back home is to schedule mobile car valeting service and allow the specialists to restore the decent state of your vehicle.

Keeping your vehicle perfectly organised during a road trip is quite a demanding task, but following these tips can help you keep the car relatively neat until you get back home. So, prepare your backpack and sanitising products for really happy journeys.

Mobile Car Valeting London firms are very practical to use because they could come and clean your vehicle wherever and whenever you would like. You won’t have to travel to get your car cleaned. These are examples of the most popular sorts of services that are available. If you want to know more information in terms of vehicle cleaning, just phone 020 3475 2703.

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