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If you think that domestic cleaning tasks absorb way too much of your time, you’d better consider the techniques applied by trained domestic cleaners. Cleaning maids who have been in the cleaning field for a long time certainly possess an eye for detail. Yet, there’s yet one more important factor that makes them viable in taking on a variety of cleaning tasks within a restricted time period. It all depends on adequate organisational know-how and the use of a cleaning technique that lets you lessen the time you spend in cleaning to a decent result.

Begin from top to the bottom- that is the golden standard of house cleaning. Basically, you should do all house cleaning chores in the following succession: check for cobwebs; dust around the home; clean surfaces; clean the floor. Performing these chores the other way around will simply make things worse.

Start with the simple jobs- first things first. If there’s an area you don’t use, this is a decent place to start from. For example, if you want to do some basic cleaning in your home office, you can start from there. Completing lesser tasks will encourage you to proceed to more time-consuming ones.
Avoid any distractions- you might think that chatting on the phone while dusting is helpful. It’s the opposite. It’s a distraction that deters you from being efficient and carrying out your home cleaning activities in an timely manner.

Develop a habit to clean as you go- if you want to save some time, you do not have to wait until the day when a thorough house cleaning is scheduled. It will not demand over five minutes to clean the coffee spill from the countertop or clean soap scum from the tub. Dealing with small cleaning jobs right away makes a huge difference.

Make use of a squeegee- speaking of keeping the bathroom clean, you can use a squeegee to remove excessive liquid from tiles and the shower cabin. This can save you a lot of effort, not to mention it will prevent mould and mildew problems.

Take care of cleaning equipment- your floor mops and sponges are your irreplaceable allies in maintaining your home in a spotless condition. However, they also need cleaning or change every so often. Ensure you have reasonable supplies or you risk contaminating the surfaces with microbes. In case you want to sanitise the sponge, place it in the microwave for a few minutes. Keep an eye on other cleaning tools that require replacement, empty the bag of the vacuum cleaner frequently, so that it sucks up the dirt more efficiently.

Even in case applying these tricks doesn’t save you as much time as you like, you can always hire professional domestic cleaners. They can make your home spotless in a few hours and you will be spared the tiring scrubbing up.

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