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A new survey reveals that redheaded women are the most enthusiastic about domestic cleaning and keeping their homes in a pristine condition.

According to a poll conducted by cleaning product brand Vileda, redheads are the most obsessed with domestic cleanliness and spend an average of 7.48 hours cleaning their home every week, reports the Scotsman.

Meanwhile, grey-haired women spend 7.41 hours cleaning, followed by 6.13 cleaning hours spent by blonde women and 5.85 hours spent by brunettes.

Overall, women were found to spend more time cleaning the home than men, who are perhaps more likely to delegate domestic chores to London domestic cleaners.

The survey revealed that Scots are the most house proud people in the UK, while those who live in the south-east of England spend the least amount of time cleaning.

Lindsey Taylor, a spokesman for Vileda, said: “Cleaning doesn’t need to be a big chore – little and often is the best method, so there is no excuse for untidy people not to don rubber gloves.”

A recent poll conducted to mark the launch of The Sims 3 Design & High-tech Stuff Pack found that nearly 20 per cent of Brits will be embarking on a bigger domestic cleaning regime this year because it is the start of a new decade.

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