Landscape gardening specialists tell how to keep water features safe in the winter

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Autumn is pretty much over and this means winter season temperatures are soon to establish in your garden. In regards to landscape gardening professionals, among the major chores to process at the present is to safeguard your garden’s water features.

Such garden features are usually expensive, which means any damage sustained by them throughout the winter season is going to dig a hole in your wallet. Thus, it is better to stay on top of your garden winter preparation chores and invest some time and effort. Except for money, you will reduce the beauty and utility that water features introduce to your garden and that’s one thing you do not want. Simply follow these tricks to make sure it does not happen:

Maintain movement in the water – among the necessities for water features is to keep water running in case you have fish swimming in them. To accomplish this, you must keep the pump on max power so as to avoid freezing. Remove remains, if there is any.

Remove plants – water plants shouldn’t be kept around. Even in case they are some strong type that tolerates cold season temperatures, you should be cautious and pull them out from the water. In case they start to decompose in the middle of winter, your water feature will be in trouble.

Inspect for leaks – you should make a full examination of the water feature and spot leaks. These should be fixed instantly, as it’s simpler and prevents much bigger problems when temperatures go below 0 and the problem gets worse.

Get the water feature clean – cleaning is surely not among your favourite chores, but it must be competed nonetheless. Begin by cleaning out debris, for example fallen leaves and garden waste that has fallen in the water. Check for algae and treat the issue with a special product if you find one. Cleaning’s best done with no water in the water feature, because it makes things simpler and lets you make one more check before winter hits.

Take out the pump – if you do not need to keep the water flowing (which is possibly the best option), you should pull out the pump. This minimises the risk of freezing and breaking, particularly during very cold temperatures. Assure you store it properly, as it’s probably the most costly piece of equipment of the water feature.

Cut back tree branches and bushes – it’s a smart strategy to cut back any trees and branches surrounding the water feature so that you don’t have to worry about debris falling into the water. Naturally, trees tend to create the most debris as continue to fall in the winter and can clog the pump when ignored for too long.

Provide care for fish – fish has quite different needs throughout cold season and it’s necessary to identify them. Some breeds don’t require food so they can enter a slower, hibernation-like state for the winter season.

Landscape gardening professionals recommend these steps for addressing your water features in the winter season. Pay attention to them all and your options will be ready for use next spring.

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