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October 7, 2015
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There are a great number of changes that can occur in your lawn throughout the winter. For instance, the soil pH is altered, the soil becomes compact and you might have weeds developing and disease thriving in your garden. As a result, you will need to eliminate the weeds from your lawn during the spring season. It is also important that you fertilize, clean, and mow your lawn, if you want to create the perfect lawn. The winter’s receding frosts and snow can expose bare patches in the lawn, introduce invasive plants, and create a hoard of problems in your garden. Below are a few Gardening London guidelines to help you clean up the mess caused by the harsh winter and prepare for the warm summer.

Clean your lawns carefully

Spring is considered a sensitive time for lawns and gardens as the soil tends to be soft, and the plants are tender. The climate can also be very unpredictable during this season. Still, there are a few actions you can take to revive normality in your lawns and gardens.

For example, you must avoid doing serious garden work before the soil dries out. This is because foot traffic and strong raking could disturb or compact soggy soil or damage the tender grass shoots. When the soil has dried, give your grass a gentle cleaning to stimulate growth while discouraging infestation by pests and diseases. You may get rid of fallen debris and neaten the area using a rake to separate grass shoots.

Handle soil problems

Spring is the greatest time of the year to conduct soil tests to find out if the soil will need enrichments. For instance, you should add lime to the soil when it is acidic.

Choose between weed control and seeding

In spring, gardeners will most likely require to choose between weed control and lawns seeding. Pre-emergent weed control techniques may be implemented throughout spring. However, if you are planning to grow new grass in bare spots, you must refrain from using this sort of weed control.

The pre-emergent weed control will prevent weeds from germinating – although, it will also suppress the growth of brand new grass you might be planting. Spring will enable your gardens and lawns to develop. Anything that may slow down the growth of grass or flowers at this time needs to be prevented.

Over-seeding your lawns

Over the winter season, lawns do not grow much. However, whenever it warms up throughout the days of spring, there is increased growth. This is the time to mow and over-seed the areas that had experienced damages over the winter season. When over seeding the lawns, you will notice that it’s sometimes difficult to match the colours of the existing lawn with all the new seed mix. To tackle this concern, you might like to over-seed the entire lawn so that you create uniformity in texture and colour throughout the area.

Lawns and gardens really are a source of pride for most families. The kids get a place to play while adults have an oasis for relaxing in. Keeping your lawns and gardens looking vibrant and beautiful does not have to cost you much or cause you stress. Follow these Gardening London guidelines and ring 020 3322 6097 if you require anything else or visit

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