7 things seasoned landscape gardening experts do every autumn

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November 17, 2016
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Landscape London

Landscape London

As leaves are falling and the 1st snowstorm draws close, activity in the garden starts to slow down. Even though it is slow, it is not like there’s nothing to do, as confirmed by landscape gardening gurus. Here is a list of chores that all of them recommend dealing with before November ends:
Final lawn cut – even when it’s cold outside, the lawn should still be mowed. Actually temperature alone should not be a factor to consider when it comes to when you should stop with this chore. The single thing you should keep in mind is when the grass actually stops growing before the cold hits. That is your indication when you should stop cutting. Ideally you want to maintain grass height of 3 inches all year round.

Soil test – testing the soil is an important thing to do, as most professional gardeners testify. Test the soil to know nutrient and pH availabilities. If there is any deficit, it should be remedied. Otherwise any planting and reseeding won’t be as effective, because soil plays an important factor in plant wellbeing.

Look after mulch – mulching is a solid practice, which offers numerous advantages. However, mulch shouldn’t merely be left there and overlooked. On the contrary, professional gardeners recommend that it needs to be fluffed up and turned up. That way the need to add more mulch is lessened, as the material is used more effectively. Remember to maintain its thickness around 3 inches, or else it can become a breeding ground for insects and pests.

Creating additional mulch – if your mulch starts running out, you should be able to create your own relatively easy. Fallen leaves are numerous and they make for a wonderful mulch material. You can run your mower over them in order to shred them to tiny pieces and then spread around flower beds. The organic matter will greatly benefit plants.

Plan and plant – autumn presents great opportunities to plan and plant. Visually examine your backyard and decide what plants need some space – for example daisies and other perennials. Fill in areas of the landscape that you prefer to see improved next growing season.
Walkways and driveways receive attention – even though they are not organic, yet they’re still part of the overall landscaping. Autumn is a fine time to fix those tiny holes and cracks in the concrete and road. You can look for parts that need to be sealed in order to prevent thawing and freezing.
Plant pruning – most shrubs and trees require adequate pruning before winter. One reason why that is so is to prevent branches snapping due to added mass from the snow. Different plants need pruning to better their looks and have their size under control for following spring. While doing so, keep in mind that not all plants need pruning. Some of them are lilacs, viburnum and hydrangeas – those mustn’t be spoiled with pruning.

These are all tasks you should handle in your garden till the end of November. Most landscape gardening specialists believe this will greatly enhance the place.

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