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Along with closets, laundry rooms are the places that house all kinds of items like old clothes, shoes, laundry detergents or empty bottles and what else. Every week you promise yourself to tidy up and you end up coping with only the most imminent house chores. Well, maintaining a well-organised laundry room can help you save valuable free time. Here are a few must-do projects that will take you one step closer to turning the laundry room into a tidy and neat place.

General clean-up – get a trash bag and gather all items that do not belong to the laundry room. These include empty bottles of fabric softeners, buckets, laundry detergents and everything that should be distributed to another room or needs to be thrown away. If you utilise home cleaning services, you could ask the house cleaners to help you with the clean-up. However, it would certainly be impractical to ask them to organise the laundry room and ignore the living room, for example. That’s why you need to ask them to do the clean-up on your behalf and later you can pull your sleeves up and do the organising yourself. After all, you’ll be the one who will use the laundry room, so you need to know the exact place of every item.

Find a place for the things that belong to the laundry room – make sure you keep the iron near at hand. As for the ironing board, you might hook it on the wall. If your laundry room is too small, use your imagination and install the ironing board at a convenient place. Utilising the top of the dryer as an “ironing spot” is a very good idea.

Gather the loose coins – get a piggy bank for all the coins. If you have a habit of checking the pockets of your clothes before tossing them in the laundry, you probably have a pile of coins scattered on the top of the washing machine, on the shelves or on the dryer. You could make a DIY piggy bank and gather these coins. Who knows, when you break the bank you might be glad to find out you have serious savings.

Do not let socks lose their match – if you usually fail in keeping the socks together, and you have a pile of socks missing their match, try the following trick. Simply pin the socks together before you wash and dry them.

Use every inch of space – for the purpose, you may buy containers that perfectly fit in tight areas. For instance, if you have a few inches of space between the washing machine and the wall, you can fit a slide slim cart and keep your detergents.

Whether you take up the laundry room organisation project on your own or arrange experts, the final result is all that counts. Do your best to get rid of unwanted or useless things and find a way of keeping the clutter to the minimum.

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