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Glass cleaning can be very complicated, especially when you do not use the right detergents. If you want to make mirrors and windows at your office or home sparkling clean, you can entrust experts to deliver window cleaning services or follow the tips below.

– Get the correct tools – in case you want to clean your windows inside and out, you need to get proper tools. If you have ever passed by a property where professional window cleaning service was taking place, you must have noticed that the cleaners were using long fed poles to lower the chance of injuries. Investing in an extendable tool could be more costly than having the windows professionally cleaned, but it’s an option you have to think about. Other than that, you will require microfiber towels (No newspapers! Keep reading and find out why), a bottle of a glass detergent and a squeegee.

– Clean in a circular motion – Whether you clean the large mirror in your hallway or the tiny one in your bathroom, you should always clean in circular motions. Among the important guidelines followed by cleaners providing expert cleaning services is “Always clean from top to the bottom”, thus the smartest thing you can do is to apply this method.

– Never clean your windows on a sunny day – If you want streak-free windows, do not start the cleaning process when the sun is directly shining on them. You should wait one or two hours instead of wasting your time and efforts in dealing with the streaks.

– Use microfiber clothes – You must have heard that many people give a second purpose to the old newspapers and use them for wiping down the windows. In case you have tried this on your own, you almost certainly wasted a lot of time in dealing with streaks. The ink newspapers contain is the main cause of the awful streaks. Even in case the newspaper leaves no ink on the glass itself, you can rest assured the frames and sills won’t be spared.

– Always be ready to act quickly – Don’t let the cleaning product to dry on your glass, wipe it down as quickly as you can.
– How about switching to green glass cleaning solutions? – A combination of 1 cup of vinegar together with two gallons of water is the perfect substitute of any top-shelf glass cleaning solution. Thus, it is worthy of trying it out. You can hardly find a less expensive glass cleaning technique.

– Removing fingerprints and spots – Whenever you want to get rid of a spot from the glass mirror or door, you can utilise moderate quantity of rubbing alcohol. It’s just as good as the average cleaning agents and the water and vinegar mixture.

Glass cleaning tends to be one time-consuming job and the inappropriate cleaning approach further slows you down. That’s why it is essential to keep yourself informed about the best cleaning procedures. On the other hand, you can simply hire window cleaning services and apply the above tips for smaller areas where dealing with streaks is a way easier.

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