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Congratulations on a well-organised party! Hopefully you had plenty of fun and so did your guests. Now it is time to turn your attention and energy to some less enjoyable details – after party cleaning tasks.

It is one thing enjoying and celebrating a special birthday or another thrilling event at your home. Cleaning the mess afterwards is a different story. Surely you will not feel like it, but it should be done. Ensure you rest well, because when the fun ends, you will have to clean a number of rooms. A certain way to make this job easier is to handle one room at a time and break down the work into small, easy to deal with tasks. Here is a fast rundown of the process:

Kitchen – if you’ve had many of guests, there’ll be a pile of soiled dishes and utensils. It’s likely that your dishwasher will not be able to take a complete load, so do a double or even triple cycle. Have your family assist with some manual washing, if it comes down to this. In case there’s a pan or dish that is too tough to clean, soak it and leave it for later on. Spray worktops with an all-purpose cleaning agent and do a quick clean. See if there are any food splatters anywhere and address them correctly.

Bathroom – with a lot of people in the area, the bathroom is sure to gather a lot of traffic and see plenty of use, especially when you’ve had people for the night. Give the shower curtain and screen a nice clean. If it’s fabric, you can give it a spin in the washing machine. For glass surfaces, apply the suitable cleaner or mix your own green-oriented solution – half part water and 50% vinegar. One more necessary area to clean is the rest room. You’ll need a disinfectant solution for ideal results.

Guest bedrooms – if you have visitors from far away, it is only rational to allow them to stay for the night. Good mannered people will always try to leave the room as it was, but you’ll still need to do some tidying up. First, take the bedlinen and place them in the washing machine. You can also vacuum the floors, not just in the guest bedrooms, but in every part of your property that saw increased activity. Open the drawers and wardrobes to see if your visitors have forgotten something.

Social areas – the dining and living rooms have probably been the most hectic parts of your home throughout the party. Your main task is to declutter the place first and dispose of the used materials. Get a plastic bag and collect all the discarded party items in it.

This wraps up cleaning the most common areas of your home after a major party. Such after party cleaning task is required to restore the place and get rid of the mess.

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