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More and more people nowadays agree that saving paper in the office is required in order to preserve the environment. While it is true that paper is now being used less in the private sector, it is still largely wasted in the office, whether in terms of office cleaning or just as part of your everyday job.

The thing about using paper is that, apart from impacting the environment in a negative way, it also plays a big role in companies’ wellbeing. A study conducted with UK small and medium businesses revealed that 60 million euro are spent daily on excessive printing. Apart from the obvious environmental and economic considerations of going paperless, there are even more advantages to explore:

Space saving – every printed file requires storage space. It may seem trivial in terms of individual documents and prints, but as you consider the amount coming from an entire company every single day, you know that there is need for a lot of space. You can test this on a small scale – your own desk. Consider just how much paper you print and see where it is stored. Surely you have cabinets and drawers, but every now and then you will find yourself with a pile of papers just lying around, taking space that could otherwise be used for something else.

Security is improved – every important piece of information you print out presents a security risk, despite how well-protected your company is. Data loss is a significant issue, which can be prevented by printing out less information. Physical copies expose your company and make it vulnerable to data theft.

Better access to information – the main alternative to printing out information – storing everything online – allows for easier access to that information when you need it. You can always search and navigate electronic files faster than rummaging through piles of paper and organisers. Add the benefit of remote search, and you can clearly see that this advantage is a solid one.

It makes office cleaning easier – what is the thing you do to printed files once you have no more use of them? That is right – you most likely just toss them on the trash. This in turn calls for more office cleaning effort, which takes money, effort and time. If you print out less, you will make it easier for anyone involved in office cleaning and thus benefit the whole company.

Chance for flexible working hours – by choosing digital, you essentially enable access to documents and work files at any time. Employees don’t need to be present in the office to access documents and thus they will have more freedom. That is essential for better business operations and employee retention and wellbeing.

As you can see, there are obvious advantages of going paperless in the office – from office cleaning to spending less money. It is important to consider this and take steps to implement the right policies now.

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