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You can hardly meet a homeowner who does not have a terrible red wine or chocolate mark on the sofa as a reminder of the last family gathering or the housewarming party thrown last month. Well, it is always a good idea to cope with these kinds of stains right away, but this is not always possible. Even if you have a bunch of neglected old stains to deal with, there is no reason to stress. There are some tested methods to clean even the oldest stains from almost any surface provided that you have the know-how.

Cleaning dry blood stains – old blood stains may seem impossible to remove, but it isn’t exactly the case. All you have to do is soak the fabric in warm water containing a product with enzymes for about one hour. Then simply toss the treated fabric in the laundry. If you can still see the stain you can use bleach as a last resort.

Cleaning butter stains – everyone knows that butter becomes liquid when heated. Using the same logic, you can simply wash the fabric on highest temperature. Don’t forget to check out the fabric’s label, though. Going above the recommended max washing temperature usually results in problems.

Homemade super stain removal – you can make your own super cheap and viable cleaning solution using hydrogen peroxide with dishwashing soap. If the stain requires more rubbing you can also add some baking soda! Get a suitable plastic container and mix one part of your favourite dishwashing soap and 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Stir well, spray onto the stained area and wait for around fifteen minutes. Get rid of the stain with a wet cloth.

Grass stain removal approaches – to lift a grass stain off the carpet or any other fabric, scrub the spot with an old toothbrush to clean loose grass. After that, prepare a solution of white vinegar, ammonia or methylated spirits. Use a sponge to scrub the stain, rinse well or wash, if possible. If the grass stain is big, the best thing you can do is to hire professional cleaning services and get the things done in no time at all.

Clean dry chocolate stains – chocolate stains are this kind of stains you should leave for a while before you proceed to clean them. Wait for the chocolate to harden. Then, remove it with a dull knife. Then, use a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. Gently clean the stain with a microfiber cloth or a sponge. Wash with warm water to remove the dishwashing liquid.

Giving up on stains is a mistake. Having said that, some kinds of stains are quite tough, indeed. Even if you find yourself unable to clean them with homemade solutions, you can simply call for professional assistance and let specialists do their magic.

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