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Your basement is that place in the property that picks up all junk you don’t presently use but for some reason or another, are reluctant to throw. Eventually, you get to that moment when the basement is overflowing with useless stuff and you can’t make your way to reach a particular item you have hastily thrown in the most distant area of the room. Luckily, there is always the option of getting a range of expert cleaning services to solve your cleaning and de-cluttering problems effectively. Still, you know best which items to keep and which to throw so pull your sleeves up and help your cleaning assistants prior to scheduling a service.

Step one: de-cluttering – you need to dedicate at least several hours to review what to keep and what you can get rid of or donate. The biggest task you’ll face is getting rid of the sentimental clutter. To speed up the process, you should designate a temporary location where you can put bigger items you’d like to keep and an additional area where you can put the items you no longer want.

Make a plan for utilisation of free space – decide if you want to use your basement as a living area, or you’re more into using it for storing various goods. If the circuit breaker box, the water heater or the sump pump are all located in the basement, make sure you keep a free path to all of them. You never know when an emergency will occur and clearing a lot of boxes at night to make way to the water shut-off valves would be a disaster. Also, ensure you do not put flammable things next to the water heater or the circuit breaker box.
Turn the basement into a laundry room or an arts and crafts area – if there is little available space, you can use the basement area and take all your laundry-related stuff downstairs. These include all detergents you use, ironing boards, etc. If you’ve always wanted a cosy corner to unlock your imagination, create your arts and crafts area in the basement.

Create sub-storage places – make sure you designate different areas for holiday decor, sports equipment, hiking gear, tools, garden furniture, etc. AdmitYou know that it would be frustrating to look for them under tons of junk, all confined together.

Consider different storage options – Based on the items you keep in the basement, you can check out the storage solutions available in home improvement stores. Acquire appropriate containers to keep similar items together and label them. Also, make sure these containers offer adequate insulation against damage. Basements are prone to water damage, not to mention they are a damp area by default.

So, are you ready for the basement clearing out project? In case you want helpers, check out what the local cleaning firms offer and get this problematic area at home clean and tidy once and for all.

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