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August 6, 2017
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When it comes to cleaning, we’re all accountable for dealing with chores out of pure necessity and not so much because we like it. If that is the case with you, know that it’s only natural and that there is always a way to get better.

While this type of connection you have with all house cleaning chores is only natural, it is far from ideal. It may get the task done, but often times the result will be just average at best. The major issue is that as you do tasks you don’t really like wasting time on, you will be making mistakes. And when mistakes are made, the result is hardly satisfactory. For this reason, you’ll do well to learn of these cleaning mistakes and correct them:

Improper usage of the dishwasher – when it comes to using the dishwasher, you may falsely believe that all it takes is just tossing the cookware and kitchenware in and turning the cycle on. While that’s the intended use of the machine, there are a few tricks you should follow. For one, you shouldn’t ever overload the dishwasher. That can reduce the washer’s ability to get to each and every part of the dishes inside and clean them. One more error is putting all spoons together, which prevents a decent thorough clean. Ensure you place some up and some down so that they’re 100% clean. It is a similar case for kitchen knives.

-Cleaning windows on a sunny day – although an enjoyable sunny day can increase cleaning enthusiasm, it is not ideal to tackle window cleaning when the sun’s out in full force. The issue is that it will dry up fast any liquid you spray on the glass surface, leaving difficult to clean streaks in the process. If you want to be effective at window cleaning, complete it on a cloudy day or early in the morning/later in the evening when the sun is not a problem.

– Not cleaning your cleaning tools and accessories – despite the fact there are various cleaning tools and accessories to help you out at home, most of them need some cleaning love too. Among the notable case is the kitchen sponge. Think about everything that your kitchen sponge has actually cleaned this week and then try to remember when you last cleaned the sponge itself. It is pretty easy to clean the sponge – just wet it and put it in the microwave for a few minutes. By doing that you will not be spreading germs onto any surface you use it on next time.

– Disregarding dirty everyday items – picture you’re cleaning your living room. You start dusting and you must clear out some stuff in order to remove dust. You move away the remote and then bring it back on the table when you are done. Good job … not. This remote is among the objects that harbour the most bacteria and germs, so it should be on your list of items to clean frequently.

These are just few of the possible cleaning errors you can make. Think of them as cleaning tips that you should pay attention to and include on your list of tasks so that you do not skip them.

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