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If there’s a single cleaning job you loathe, it likely is cleaning your oven. It is a messy, time-consuming and troublesome task that is very hard for the unprepared person. Regardless, in case you ask essentially any cleaning company London, they will all inform you that there is an easy process that’s been tried numerous times.

The chore of cleaning doesn’t have to be all that problematic, but only when you take into account the best proven methods. One such is trying baking soda and vinegar. This procedure has been rightfully regarded as the easiest and quickest eco-friendly cleaning technique as far as cleaning dirty ovens is concerned. When you’ve never tested it, you should definitely take note and catch up. Here’s the method in its essence:

Clear out the oven interior – the first part of the process is to remove every interior item that might get in the way of cleaning. This means the pizza stone, thermometer, oven racks and any other item, excluding the burners. Leave those things aside; you’ll need to clean them shortly enough.

Make a paste – your major cleaning ally in this task is baking soda. Mix half a cup of baking soda with sufficient water to get a paste-like solution. You may need to regulate how much water you put, but usually it takes around 3-4 tablespoons to get the suitable formula. The strategy is to get a paste you can easily spread the interior of the oven.

Spread the interior – now that you have prepared the cleaning solution, it is time to get down to cleaning. By using your fingers (put gloves on), get the paste to coat the oven interior 100%. Ensure you get the solution into every nook and cranny. As you rub the paste in, you may notice it turns brown, based on how dirty the oven is.

Let it sit – as you have spread the baking soda mixture, it is time to let it sit all night long. It is a wise idea to let a period of at least 12 hours pass before you clean it up. This period will let the mix to do its thing and loosen the grime. You can use that pause to clean the oven racks and everything else you removed from the oven previously.

Wipe down the paste mix – use a damp cloth to remove the baking soda paste. By now it should have dried thoroughly, so some areas will be harder to remove. Use a silicone or plastic spatula to scrape properly. If there’s any especially hard to remove stain, just spritz some vinegar. There’ll be a foamy reaction, permitting easy cleaning. Keep cleaning until the residue is gone. This ends the task of cleaning with baking soda.

By following this method you can expect clean your oven in no time at all. It’s cleaning company London approved, so do not worry on whether or not it will work – it’s assured!

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