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The kitchen is probably the messiest place in every household. No matter how hard you try, there is always a dirty area on the countertop, a coffee ring on the glass table or a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Well, de-cluttering your kitchen once and for good requires much effort on your end. Also, if you are the only one who cares about cleanliness, while other members of your family don’t pay attention to the mess, you have a serious problem. You can solve it by arranging professional cleaning services, but after all, you cannot expect cleaners to do miracles in one or two hours. That is why you can help them a little by going quickly through the most problematic zones around the kitchen. If necessary, set a timer, pull your sleeves up and get ready for the 20-minute kitchen de-cluttering challenge.

Get rid of the things you no longer need – when was the last time you read your cookbooks? If you read recipes on the web, you can donate your cookbooks or put them in boxes and keep them in the attic.

Inspect the cooking utensils, coffee mugs, baking ware – throw out the broken items and keep those you use often close to you. Select a free spot on the highest shelf for those you use once in a blue moon.

Spices – make an inspection of the spices you’ve got and throw out those that have expired or lost their flavour. Arrange the remaining ones in a suitable container.
Kitchen gadgets – can you count the number of kitchen gadgets you impulsively bought with no intention of using? And what about the toaster that has been gathering dust for a long time or the coffee maker you bought simply because it was on sale? If your kitchen is overflowing with gadgets you use every other year, you need to find them a suitable place and leave the machines you use frequently.

Arrange the junk drawer – every house has a junk drawer where old batteries, car keys, candles, pens and even medicines are kept. The best thing you can do is to get a trash bag and throw all various items you keep for no apparent reason.

Wipe down surfaces – keep a multi-purpose cleaning solution at hand and take care of the spills and dirty spots immediately. You can treat the spot only and leave the thorough disinfection to the agency you hired for specialised cleaning services.
Check out the food in your fridge – you can be surprised at the number of bottles that have long been expired. Why you still keep the pizza leftovers from the last weekend? What are you going to do with the bottle of milk that has been sitting on the fridge door for a month? Remove them and wipe down any spots on the fridge exterior/ interior.

Of course, you can’t complete these projects in 20 minutes, but you may set aside twenty minutes per day for dealing with the imminent tasks in the kitchen. Soon you’ll get used to that habit and things will be much easier.

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