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Spiders! The very mention of the word is sometimes enough to send chills down your spine. Whether you have a phobia or not, you will be most displeased to find a huge cobweb in the corner of the room. Not only are they unsightly, but can also significantly hinder your home cleaning efforts.

While it is true that removing cobwebs isn’t that difficult, it is worth pointing out that you can take some measures to prevent spiders from coming in the first place. This is especially helpful if you are afraid of spiders and wish to have no dealing with them. Follow these easy tips:

  • Deal with cobwebs – as it was already mentioned, removing cobwebs isn’t that difficult. You only need a broom or a mop with a long handle. When you notice a cobweb, just take your item of choice to it and remove it with a few swipes. Alternatively, you can also use the vacuum cleaner, although it is good to replace the bag afterwards. You don’t want spiders overrunning your vacuum cleaner, do you?
  • Take preventive actions – if you don’t like dealing with cobwebs in the first place, you will do well to implement some precautionary measures in your home. The first thing is to inspect doorways, windows and other areas you suspect to serve as an entry point of spiders. Apply caulk to any visible holes and gaps. If you have any mesh screens, check for loose ends and repair them. Second, you have to tidy up the house. If you invest some effort in house cleaning, you can be sure that spiders will not be an often occurrence. The goal is to minimise the risk of insects, as these also attract spiders. You can also work on your yard a little. Don’t keep spent vegetables and fruits, because shrubs and trees can serve as breeding ground for spiders.
  • Create a spider repellent – once you have concluded cleaning cobwebs and preventing spiders from returning, you can invest some time in creating a repellent. A homemade solution is an eco-friendly alternative to anything you can find on the market. Among the best-proven solutions is peppermint oil. Add some of that to any domestic cleaning solution, and you can bet that will help against spiders. The pleasant scent is a bonus. Citrus fruits also make for a useful spider repellent. You can either place some oranges and lemons in a bowl or use their peels on the window sills to act as a repellent. Reportedly, chestnuts also work against spiders. Just put some chestnuts in the areas you think are most likely to welcome a spider. Chestnuts don’t get moldy for a very long time, so there is nothing to worry about.

By using these simple tips, you can deal with cobwebs and spiders in your home once and for all. You can try out everything outlined here, including professional home cleaning, to reduce the risk of spiders. You will have peace of mind then.

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