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If keeping your place clean and tidy is your number one goal, you’re definitely on a good track. A clean home shows a gifted housekeeper and a person who loves hygiene and knows the dangers of neglected duties.

However, everyone is guilty of not paying attention to certain areas of a home. Not routine big chores, like tidying up the rooms or cleaning the carpets. Rather, some minor areas of the place can be missed during a larger clean. If you are always rushing to clean your home right, you’ll usually forget about these chores. Let the following list serve as a reminder to clean them the next time:

Drapes and window blinds – these are known as dust magnets for a viable reason. They seem to gather quite a lot of dust and it is only through adequate cleaning that you can get rid of it. Metal and plastic window blinds are very easy – just wipe them with a damp cloth or towel and a multi-purpose cleaning solution. Wooden blinds can do with water only and fabrics should be cleaned with a microfibre cloth. As far as drapes are concerned, you can usually just put them in the washing machine and leave them hanging to dry.

On top of appliances – you may be regular in cleaning the exterior of your appliances, but do not forget that removing dust from the tops is also needed. Truth is that they trap a lot of dust and must be wiped whenever possible. While you are at it, look in between countertops and appliances.

Handbags – you may not have thought about it, but your handbag is certainly pretty filthy, even if it does not show. Consider how often you put it on the ground or some other unclean surface. Why clean it so rarely then? Check the manufacturer’s instructions and employ the right cleaning solutions.

TV remote – remotes turn into germ paradise if left unchecked for a long time. With many people using them regularly, it is no wonder that it gets so dirty. A quick wipe with cloth soaked in vinegar will do the cleaning trick.

Ceiling fan – if you have a ceiling fan, you know just how useful it is during the summer. However, do not forget that it will not clean itself, once dust starts building up. If you do not want it falling on your head, give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth every now and then.

Rug bottoms – even if you’re frequent at vacuuming your rugs and carpets, you must know that some effort should be put towards cleaning the underside of rugs. Dust and dirt gathers there and it is up to you to remove it.

By focusing on these items and parts of your home, you can be certain that the place will be cleaner than ever. You can then feel prouder of your home cleaning knowledge.

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