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Vacuuming is needed to ensure that your carpets and rugs remain free of dust and other solid spoils. It’s a simple form of carpet cleaning, which requires some time and effort. There is no doubt that without frequent vacuuming, your carpets and rugs will turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

As you vacuum, your objective should be to deal with the task correctly, otherwise it is just a waste of time. There are some mistakes you can do in the process of vacuuming that you should educate yourself about. Learning more about them and avoiding them as best as possible is necessary so that you can count on a job well done. Here is what you should not do when vacuuming:

Rush through the task – addressing the task extremely fast is surely not the way to go. Even though it may save you some time, it’s definitely not effective. The idea is that when you hurry too much, you do not allow enough suction time. Moving slowly enables the vacuum to collect as much dust as possible. Additionally, it enhances the odds of dislodging dirt and dust from inside the pile, which must be your strategy to begin with

Forget to empty the vacuum bag – the thing about letting too much dust collect in the bag or the bin is that it will greatly reduce the performance of the machine. To avoid this, you should clear the bag/bin regularly. Assess the cleaner frequently so that you know how often you should empty the accumulated dust inside.

Vacuum clean in a single direction only – removing dust and dirt in the most effective manner calls for vacuum cleaning the carpet fibres in two directions at least. If you vacuum clean in a single direction only, you will not gather a great deal of debris that hide under the carpet fibres. Change diagonal and vertical movements to maximise your effectiveness.

Forget to utilise the crevice attachment – even if you cover the entire area of your home with the vacuum, there’ll be some places in need of extra care. Namely, the corners of the rooms are are areas of great dust accumulation that remain safe from the vacuum. Not the case when you bust out the crevice cleaning add-on, of course. It’s the right tool to help you in this task, so don’t forget to take full advantage of it.

Forget to clean under furniture – this is a regular mistake, which numerous people make. Just because the area of your carpet and rugs under furniture is not openly exposed doesn’t mean that it is free of dust. You need to either move furniture and vacuum under it or use some attachment to get to those places and gather the dust in there.
Overlooking preparation work – vacuum cleaning is much more difficult with a lot of clutter lying around. It is a good idea to do an efficient decluttering session before you start, in order to clear the way and make the task simpler.

By paying closer attention to these vacuuming mistakes and eliminating them, you can be certain your carpet cleaning can greatly improve.

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