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Rug Cleaning LondonYour vacuum cleaner’s suction power is essential for picking up dust and other debris accumulated within the fibres of your carpet. If the machine doesn’t work properly, you will likely not be able to deliver efficient carpet cleaning service.

To fix your vacuum, you should invest effort in maintaining it in top condition. Especially if you have pets and try to clean with a failing vacuum. You could even spread pet dander and odours all around the place. To avoid this, you should do a deep clean of the machine. Here is how:

  • Remove the dust – if you use a canister vacuum, the first thing you should do is dump the chamber into the trash can. Do not rush to reassemble it yet. You should get into the habit of emptying the chamber after each vacuuming session, not only when it gets full, or else you risk reducing the power of the vacuum due to debris accumulation.
  • Wash the tray – while you are it, why not give the vacuum tray a good wash in the sink? Fill the sink with water, add some dishwashing detergent and leave the parts there to soak. This will remove accumulated gunk and keep your vacuum parts looking clean and fresh.
  • Clear obstructions – lay your vacuum cleaner on its back and check underneath. A brush roll defines a ‘healthy’ vacuum with no obstructions. It should roll freely with only a minor amount of tension coming from the drive belt. If hairs, string or anything else covers the brush, you need to remove it and clean it thoroughly. Check the manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to remove the brush, in order to avoid any possible damage. Further obstructions could be present at the opening of the hose or where the brush roll sits at the back. Once you have removed all that, insert the brush roll back in place.
  • Change filters – it is time to inspect the filters and the filter trays. If you haven’t replaced them recently, it is very likely you will need to do so now. Paper and fibre filters will last you a lot more if you frequently clean them. You can use a can of compressed air to get the dust out of the filter, but be warned: this cleaning process is somewhat messy and may leave you sneezing. Other filters you can rinse in the sink and reuse. Many times this is noted on the filter or the manual. Keep in mind a HEPA filter needs replacement since the fibres it is made of should not be introduced to water.
  • Check the hose – if you feel the suction of your vacuum is failing, you should check the hose. There are a few points at which the hose could disconnect: at the motor intake, at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner or behind the brush roll. Check up inside the hose as well, for any clogs or build-up. Larger items can easily get lodged in there. See if there are any tears or cuts in the hose. In the presence of these, your vacuum cleaner will underperform significantly.

Now that you know how to deal with your vacuum cleaner, you can better perform carpet cleaning.

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