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November 3, 2014
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Getting your rug cleaned regularly helps to avoid mildew development, because expert cleaners have efficient equipment that defeats moisture. Filthy carpets tend to be at high risk of developing mold and mildew growth when they are exposed to moisture. That is why Professional Carpet Cleaning London is extremely important for all households.

Carpet cleaners often use two primary cleaning treatments. The wet cleaning process uses water and a combination of cleaning chemicals to get rid of dirt. The dry cleaning process uses a cleaning powder that is applied onto the carpet fibre and then removed, using a vacuum cleaning method.

The hot water extraction technique is the most common wet cleaning process. Some people think it is steam cleaning, but it’s not steam coming out from the machine, it is really hot water under thousands of pounds pressure. The force is very high and instantly forms a high pressure spray. The water injected to the bottom of the carpet fibres frees up the filth which is then pulled back up into the cleaning machine by a very high pressure vacuum.

The dry cleaning procedure does not require water. The cleaner sprays a bit of an absorbent mixture over the rug and uses a brush to work it through the carpet. The grime and filth are then drawn up by a commercial vacuum cleaner. The advantage of dry cleaning is that rugs are instantly dry and you can walk on them right away. This method is particularly helpful for larger companies like hospitals and care homes. Any community building that needs to stay open will find the dry carpet cleaning method extremely helpful. The cleaning is not going to disrupt the usual working day.

Just before you select the agency you are planning to book, make sure you do a bit of research. Ask the firm about the processes they employ, what the service includes and their rates. It is advisable to hire a cleaning firm that provides affordable rug cleaning prices but the services are still excellent quality. You might also want to read online reviews to find out what past clients have said about the firm you are going to book.

Below are a few advantages of employing Professional Carpet Cleaning London services:

– Specialist opinion – these cleaning experts know exactly what cleaning method needs to be used for every type of carpet

– No need to buy equipment – rug cleaners have all of the essential equipment that will be needed when the service takes place

– Stain treatment – several cleaning products could make a stain worse if they are not used correctly. It is essential to use the appropriate detergent

There are several myths in terms of how frequently a carpet needs to be cleaned, because this depends on each carpet. Every carpet needs to be cleaned professionally no less than once a year but high traffic areas may have to be cleaned on a more consistent basis. As soon as you hire a service you could always ask the firm for guidelines and recommendations on carpet care.

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