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Your carpet is an essential investment, which you need to protect with proper rug cleaning and maintenance. As time goes by, vacuuming and spot cleaning just won’t cut it. You need to think about a different approach if you don’t want to see your carpet a shade darker or looking shabby despite your best efforts.

The way to clean your carpets in the best way is to think about an eco-friendly deep sanitation method. Yes, you can do that, even without having to call on experts, although that is always an option. What you will need is borax, salt and white vinegar, in addition to a rented steam cleaner. When you have the required tools, follow these steps:
– Vacuum properly – before proceeding with the other steps of cleaning, you must first vacuum the carpet. Not simply vacuum it like you do every week, but a thorough and especially precise vacuuming. Take your time with the task. Vacuum in more than one direction to ensure that you gather as much debris and dust as possible. The goal in this first step is to remove hair, dust particles and everything that is stuck within the pile of the carpet.

– Mix a paste – what you will need to continue with the deep clean of your carpet is: a 1/4 cup vinegar, a 1/4 cup salt and a 1/4 cup borax. Add the paste to any stains visible on the carpet and any spots you haven’t treated. Let the paste stay on the carpet stains until it completely dries and vacuum it away.

– Get into steam cleaning action – steam cleaning is probably the most highly-valued rug cleaning method out there. It doesn’t involve chemicals in the cleaning process, which is always a plus. Your carpet will not be left with harmful substances within its fibres and it will still be cleaned to perfection, as the steam works on all the accumulated grime. You don’t even have to add shampoo, as hot water alone is enough to loosen and remove the grime within the fibres. Just check where you can rent the machine from and make sure it is an effective one in order to get the best result out of it.

– Do not overwet the carpet – when utilising a hot water extraction carpet cleaning method, you shouldn’t forget that there is no need for a lot of water, i.e. you should not use too much. Spend most of the time with the machine to suck the water back up and go over the carpet several times to ensure it’s as dry as possible.

– Let the carpet dry – the carpet has to fully dry before you could utilise it again. Do not even step on it and don’t move furniture before it is completely dry. Open the windows and doors to speed up the process.

You’re done. The deep cleaning of your carpet has concluded and you now know how to deal with the task like a carpet cleaning specialist. Best part of it all is that the method is green and completely harmless to the environment.

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