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Nothing makes a house look more neglected than a stained and dirty carpet. Unfortunately, the carpets regularly fall victim to beverage and food spills. Stain removal poses a challenge to every individual. However, the stain removal procedure is not always simple, not to mention that often it’s impossible to restore the rug to its original condition. Still, utilising the correct cleaning technique could significantly remedy the situation. Here are the things you should know in case you want to prolong the life of the rugs.

Never rub a stain – if you see your child spilling orange juice on the rug, the initial reaction is to take a sponge and a cleaning detergent and severely scrub the spot. However, this approach is going to do more harm than good. Of course, acting right away increases the chances of entirely eliminating the stain, but instead of scrubbing, use a few paper towels. They will absorb as much liquid as possible. After that you could proceed to treat the spot with a suitable cleaning solution.

Try eco-friendly {cleaning solutions – don’t worry if you’re out of stain remover. There are some helpful tricks you can apply in emergency situations. According to the kind of stain you have to deal with, you should utilise the following ingredients – ammonia, salt, dishwashing liquid, distilled vinegar, baking soda. Sprinkling a little salt on a greasy stain might help remove it. The same applies to wine stains. When you have to deal with a pet stain, you’d better choose a vinegar paste and baking soda. The latter is very popular with its smell neutralising properties. Ammonia is irreplaceable when we are talking about removal of stains from grass. A few drops of a dishwashing liquid remove stubborn greasy stains, but make sure you blot the certain area first.

Bleach on the carpet – treating stains with a little bleach could do miracles indeed. However, you shouldn’t use it unless the carpets are in white color. If you treat coloured rugs with bleach, the only thing you will achieve is replacing the hard stain with rug discolouration.
Rubbing alcohol for ink stains – if you get back home and notice a terrifying ink stain on the rug, do not get mad at your kids and treat it with rubbing alcohol. The latter might also be effective in removing stains from wine. Do not forget to rinse the place entirely after that and repeat the whole process if needed.

Look for professional support – unluckily, typical cleaners aren’t powerful enough against some types of stains. If none of the mentioned cleaners accomplishes the required effect, the best thing you could do is to call pros. Rug cleaning machines not only cope with the stains but also remove the pollutants trapped in the carpet fibres.

Remember these ideas next time you decide to buy a top-shelf stain removal product. Of course, many of them do a great job but don’t rush to the store before you try these inexpensive and eco-friendly cleaners.

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