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Carpet Cleaning Service London

Carpet cleaning is one of the most problematic tasks everyone has to perform. When you live with little ones or pets, you definitely ought to overcome stains more frequently than you would like to. For this reason, you have probably equipped yourself with a strong vacuum cleaner and a bucket full of specific products and stain cleaners. Still, in case you want to switch to environmentally-friendly cleaning products, keep reading and familiarise yourself with certain tested hacks that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Treat stains immediately – Cleaning difficult spots while they’re still wet increases your odds of completely removing challenging marks like ketchup, pet stains and wine. First you must place paper towels on the stained areas and slightly press them. When they absorb as much of the liquid as possible, add generous amount of baking soda on the spot. Let it do its job for a few hours, and then vacuum. In case your pet has mistreated the carpeting, cover the spot with a small amount of baking soda. This won’t help you remove the actual stain, however at least it will not attract spoils while it is drying. To deal with the unpleasant urine smell mix 1 part borax and 3 parts baking soda.

What about vinegar? – You ought to be familiar with the top cleaning and scent eliminating features of vinegar, but as far as pet stains removal from carpets is concerned, it might not work as well as supposed. The truth is, it can actually make things worse. Still, spraying vinegar onto all kinds of other stains should have a good result. What’s more, vinegar can help you lift off ingrained stains. Mix one cup warm water and half a cup vinegar and spray onto the stain. Put old towels to absorb the liquid and repeat the procedure as many times as necessary.

Things to be aware of – Using green carpet cleaning methods is a cost-effective solution indeed, but the truth is that there is no home-based component that can get rid of the tons of bacteria living within the carpet fibres. That is why you have to enlist carpet cleaning professionals at least once or twice every year. In case you aren’t ready to skimp on on cleanliness, get a steam cleaner to keep your carpets’ nice state in between expert cleaning rounds. One more aspect worth bringing up is that regardless of the homemade cleaning solution used, you should always use a moderate amount of it on a small area just to ensure it will not damage the carpet.

Applying green-oriented carpet cleaning solutions has its benefits and flaws, but the overall idea is that the positives outweigh the disadvantages. Switching to household cleaning products is admirable, but don’t ignore the importance of expert steam cleaning processes. For the time being, they remain the only tried and true process for setting up a healthy environment at home.

Carpets are a vital investment in everyone’s house, so they must be taken care of fully. Regular vacuum cleaning can help to keep the carpet visually clean, but filth is also trapped within the carpet. If you would like to hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning London service, try to call 020 8884 9148.

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