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Car Valeting MobileYou may be one of the people that never really think much about it, but keeping your car clean and spoil-free is one way to extend its life. Being too neglectful on the outer surface of the paint can lead to many types of damage and some costly repairs. Washing the car on your own or resorting to mobile car valeting services is the right course of action.

If you are all about keeping the exterior clean, you have undoubtedly thought about letting the rain do its job. It is water after all, and it is pouring all over your car; it is bound to have some cleaning effect. Relying on rainwater to clean your car is, in fact, a sustainable method of cleaning it.

Experts haven’t come up with a solid statement on whether rain is good or bad for your car. It indeed calls for extra vigilance when driving in the rain, but what about purely speaking regarding cleaning? The truth is that there are two sides to this:

  • The good side of letting the rain wash your car – the main question can rain alone wash your car well enough? Well, for the most part, it can. A good rainstorm can pour down on your vehicle with such force as to rinse off accumulated dust, grime, pollen and even stuck on bugs on your windshield. Still, that doesn’t mean you should count on rain getting the heavy grime off the paint. You probably need to combine the washing power of rain with some hand wash in the meantime, if possible, for maximum benefit. The main thing about washing your car in the rain is using the right cleaning solution. It is a good idea to get a phosphate-free liquid or mix your own by using a little bit of dishwashing liquid. Get out there and give the car a decent rub down with a sponge and soap, all the while the rain is pouring down. At the very least, you can count on some very good rinsing off.
  • The negative side of letting the rain wash your car – rain is not only associated with possible benefits for your vehicle, however. If you live in a reasonably polluted area with smog, you need to be careful of acid rain. It is not only dangerous to plants and humans but also your vehicle’s paint. When acidic rainwater ends up on the car, it concentrates on the colour as it dries. Later on, this acid will activate every time the vehicle is wet, which leads to further damage. So if you live in an area with high pollution, it is preferable to keep your car out of reach of the elements. That way you will preserve its paint from damage.

Now that you know more about the effects of rain on your vehicle, you can better take care of it. You can decide if letting your car out in the rain is the better solution or if you are best off relying on mobile car valeting services instead.

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