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Today, vehicles are more than just a practical means of transportation. They are a “mini home” where you tend to have a cup of coffee or breakfast on your way to work, charge your smartphone or hang your uniform on the back seat. As you can imagine, all these things have a poor effect on the condition of the car interior. We are absolutely sure that every time you get into your vehicle, you get irritated by the coffee stain on the upholstery or the coke cans you usually forget to throw out. So, how could you make the vehicle tidy and clean and keep it like this? Check a few ideas below.

Get rid of the junk The first step to having a clean and neat car is getting a garbage bag and gathering all the useless things left on the seats and the floor. Be sure to clean the car boot, too. If you have been keeping the umbrella, tent or beach chairs from the last vacation, now is the perfect time to take care of them.

The vacuuming comes next- if you think that the accidental vacuuming of the floor is sufficient, you are wrong. The truth is that the upholstery gathers much dirt and dust, so you have to pay extra attention.

Check the interior for stains- unfortunately, after a while, stain removal becomes a complicated process. So if you’ve neglected the coffee stains for one or two weeks, you cannot expect the cleaning solution to do miracles. Still, as a last resort, you may call professional mobile car valeting company. Experts utilise powerful cleaning solutions, which raise the chances of successful stain removal. Even if they don’t manage to remove it entirely, you will at least have the car furniture ideally clean and future maintenance will certainly be much easier.

Removing unpleasant odors – If you have a habit of smoking in the car or you don’t feel comfortable telling friends that you do not want them to smoke in the vehicle, you will need to remove the unpleasant cigarette smell. The poor smells are absorbed into the furniture and auto fresheners temporary improve the situation. The only way to have your auto fresh smelling again is to hire experts who use specialised commercial machines.
Do not forget about regular dusting. Many of you would probably say it is ridiculous to have a rag and a cleaning solution in the vehicle and use it regularly. You might at least keep a pack of anti-bacterial wet wipes inside the glovebox and clean the surfaces whenever you notice a thin layer of dust or fingerprints.

Keeping the car clutter at bay is challenging, especially when you share the car with some other people. Still, the attempts are worth it, especially when you travel long distances and you’re not willing to compromise on your comfort anymore.

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