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In this article we will provide you with some mobile car cleaning hints that only experts know. It is always great to know the techniques and tricks for looking after the body of your vehicle. Yes, mobile car valeting companies possess the special tools and equipment that help them perform the job in the best possible way. But following these suggestions will at least provide you with the opportunity to keep the car in a good condition without the need of these expensive cleaning materials.

1. Get rid of junk. Before beginning with the cleaning process, you need to get rid of the trash inside the car. Firstly, empty all the ashtrays or bins. Then release the dust and dirt kept in the carpet by utilising a stiff brush. If there is a need, add a little vacuuming to guarantee that everything inside is properly cleaned.

2. Don’t forget about the ducts and vents. Your air conditioner also collects much dirt. Thus, it would be a good idea to regularly clean it, too. Based on the type of your car, this may be an easy or not so easy task. In most cases it would be enough to wipe down with a cloth all the vents and their surrounding areas. But sometimes you might have to utilise an air compressor or blower.

3. Time for a ‚pre-wash’. Making a pre-wash is a good way to start the cleaning process. The key advantage is that it would loosen up the dirt and make it much easier for washing afterwards. In addition, you would avoid gritty pieces sticking to the sponge and scratching the auto paint.

4. Shampoo and water. A bucket full of water and a little car shampoo is the easiest and cheapest option for washing the car. Oh, in fact you would require two buckets. One full with a mixture of warm water and shampoo and one with only warm water. Wash the sponge often in order to make the process more effective.

5. From the top to the bottom. It’s very important to begin with the roof and continue all the way down. Wheels and bumper are the dirtiest areas of your auto and they’d better be left for the end. Once you have completed the cleaning, you can dry your vehicle with a micro fiber towel.

6. And a little waxing. Mobile car valeting specialists suggest that you give the vehicle a wax every three months. It is going to protect the paint and add a little professional look. After that you can fully enjoy the effects of your work.
So, there they are: six basic steps for the proper maintenance of the vehicle. Adhering to them will allow you to accurately clean the outside and inside auto parts. Starting from the carpet and getting to the bumper and wheels. However, you are not a cleaning expert and therefore you can’t handle all the situations on your own. Thus, if you need any assistance, you can always hire a car valeting agency for one expert cleaning.

Mobile Car Valeting London businesses are convenient to use because they could come and clean your car wherever and whenever you want. You won’t need to travel to get your car cleaned. These are some of the most popular types of services that are available. If you would like to know more details in regards to car cleaning, please phone 020 3475 2703.

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