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July 19, 2017
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August 4, 2017

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You get up on a Saturday morning and hear the news that you are going to have some unexpected guests. Your mom and dad are coming over for a quick visit. The outcome of it is definitely going to depend on how good your house cleaning know-how is.

Namely, you are going to need to depend on pace. As your visitors are coming over soon, you don’t have the entire day to devote to cleaning. Instead, you’ll need to do with no more than fifteen minutes of cleaning. The aim is to get the room to somewhat reasonable state without sacrificing quality. Following is a swift cleaning guide that’ll grant you exactly this. Follow the steps one by one:

Prepare your cleaning supplies – this first step is important for the success of your duty. Having all of your supplies ready and waiting will definitely help. It’s crucial to get everything ready so that you do not pause your cleaning when you are halfway done. That way you will be able to finish the job fast and that is your main goal.

Remove clutter – obtain a container of some type or a basket that you can utilise to store some items in. This may be your laundry basket or some plastic box you use to keep your children’s toys in. The reason for this container/basket is to gather everything in the room so that you declutter the space and minimise the disorder. Right now, you should not attempt to take everything to its appropriate place, but rather just temporary remove it from the room.

Deal with the sofa – since you are most likely to sit your guests on the sofa as a central piece of furniture, it is logical to clean it. Start by brushing off the seat covers. If you have not done this recently, now is the time to clean between the cushions and obtain whatever items might have gotten there. Fluff up pillows and replace the pillow cases.

Clean the coffee table – do a quick brush of the table and organise its contents appropriately. You do not have to make furniture surfaces like brand new, but at least give them a quick clean.
Arrange magazines and books – that is not to say place all in alphabetical order, but instead just organise them in somewhat decent manner. You do not need to inspect every single one to decide if you want to keep it or toss it.

Sweep/vacuum the floor – it is time to tackle the living room floor. Don’t move furniture to achieve this. Just remove the uppermost dust level so that you give the flooring kind of more presentable look. With that your cleaning is finished.
Put away your cleaning tools – once you’re finished, don’t forget to store away the cleaning items you used for this speedy cleaning project.

As being discussed, with a little effort you can get your living room ready to welcome unexpected visitors. Certainly there’s more that can be done in the long run , but as far as quick cleaning is concerned, this is a superb way to deal with home cleaning.

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