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May 8, 2017
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If you suffer from an allergy, you must be familiar with the allergens that could cause severe outbursts. Nevertheless, if you have been complaining from itchy eyes, running nose, coughing, sneezing and respiratory problems, it might be time to inspect the house and eliminate all the allergens that lead to such inconveniences. After all, they might transform into something less desirable over time. If you wonder how you can identify the culprits, check out the tips below:

Mattresses – you may rest assured that the mattress you sleep on houses colonies of mites. Body oils, dead skin cells and cosmetic products you apply on your body attract allergens like a magnet. The only proven method for getting rid of them is by booking mattress cleaning services a few times per year. Cleaning experts utilise powerful machines that eliminate bad smells and allergens.

Dogs or cats – sad as it may seem, your cat or dog can be the reason for your discomfort. To be more precise, cat or dog hair is the main cause of severe outbursts. Unfortunately, there isn’t a method for making your pets hypoallergenic, but various surveys claim that some people don’t get any allergy symptoms when they stay around certain breeds.

Mould – damp, dark places, such as the basement, provide the ideal condition for mould spores to grow. Many people make the mistake of turning the basement into a functional living area and after that experience the negative consequences of such a decision. To reduce the mould growth, get a dehumidifier. To remove mould, make a mixture of equal parts bleach and hot water and apply to the surfaces. If mould has affected more than 10 square feet, an arrangement for expert cleaning services might be needed.

Cockroaches – cockroaches tend to be a curse for every home owner. The allergens their saliva contains can lead to some serious medical issues. And the worst of all is that if you’ve killed a cockroach, you may rest assured there are at least 100 more around the property. To avoid health hazards, make sure you deal with them once and for good. Ask for expert help and don’t give cockroaches any “reason” to come back. In other words, wash the dishes immediately after eating, throw out the trash regularly and do not leave breadcrumbs on the floor.

Dust mites – the term is self-explanatory. If you’re allergic to house dust, do your best to prevent its accumulation. If you cannot fit regular cleaning procedures into your hectic schedule, arrange house cleaning services. Your health and comfort is everything that matters.

Finding the cause of allergies is not always simple. In most cases, comprehensive medical tests are needed. However, if you want to reduce the risk of health issues explore your property and check if there are any areas that need your attention or some professional help. When you remove all the allergens, you will be able to tell the difference in your health before and after their elimination.

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