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The kitchen is one of the rooms in your home you visit every single day and for this reason it must be the focus of your home cleaning efforts. The tasks involved aren’t exactly typical and you have to first understand how to deal with them effectively.

The easiest way to take on this task is to establish a routine and follow a certain process to cope with it. The order matters, because it can mean a very simple cleaning process, or one that’s difficult and requires more time. Just follow the step-by-step guide and you’ll be fine:

– Declutter – every cleaning session has to start with decluttering the area first. You can never be successful in cleaning if there are many items that don’t belong in the kitchen. For this reason, clear the counters from magazines, cookbooks, papers and toys that the children have left there. Only then could the real cleaning begin.

– Fill the sink – fill the sink with hot water and a few drops of dish soap. This will serve to clean some items in need of proper soak: oven racks, the dish rack, microwave turntable and crisper drawer for example.

– Inspect the fridge – take out the food stored there and see if there is anything past expiry date. Wipe out any spills and stains inside. You may utilise an all-purpose cleaner of water/vinegar mix for this task. Toss any dirty containers in the sink.

– Dust high areas – get a chair or something else to help you gain access to high areas – top of the fridge as well as the countertops. Knock down debris and dust from these areas. The spoils will later be swept away.

– Clean the cabinets and microwave – by using an all-purpose cleaner, wipe down all cabinets. Don’t forget to pay attention to pulls, which you touch often. In addition, you should clean hooks, vent grates and frames. Take a clean cloth and get it to a soapy condition to wipe down the backsplash if there is one in your kitchen.

– Tackle the stovetop – an all-purpose cleaner does a great job in tackling stains and other spoils on the stovetop. Before wiping, let the solution sit for a few minutes so it can degrease the area and make it easier for cleaning.

– Clean small appliances – small appliances must be your next target for cleaning. These include: mixer, toaster, coffee maker and more. A cleaner with a multi surface formula does well against accumulated grime. You could leave crumb catchers, drip trays and any of the like in the sink to soak.

– Drain the sink – nearing the end of the kitchen cleaning routine, you have to drain the sink and rinse with hot water. Wipe the faucet, handles and every other sink element.

– Wipe the floor – as a final task, clean the floor of all the crumbs, dust and other debris that have made their way there.

Good job – the kitchen cleaning round is finished and you may park yourself on the sofa. Now you are aware of how to effectively deal with this chore.

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