How to prepare patio furniture for spring

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April 5, 2017
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April 5, 2017

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Spring is the most wonderful time of the year. The weather gets warmer, nature is revealing its true beauty and you can finally take off the unwanted winter clothes. The best thing of all is that you can sit on the patio, relax and enjoy the sun. However, you should do one not so easy job. You should take the patio furniture out of your cellar and prepare it for yet another season of usage. Listed below are the must-do projects you have to complete once the spring comes.

Inspect the furniture for damages – this includes broken chairs and scratches on the table. Fix them to prevent unpleasant accidents.

Clean your furniture – patio furniture has probably been collecting dust for a couple of months, so you have to clean the benches and chairs. However, you should not use a random multi-purpose cleaning detergent. According to the material your furniture is made from, you ought to use a suitable cleaning detergent. Under no circumstances should you use acid-based cleaning solutions on wooden pieces of furniture.

Owning plastic patio furniture is a lot easier. You can make every item look like new without using any special solutions. Dissolve a few drops of a dishwashing detergent into a bucket of lukewarm water and then clean the chairs utilising a clean sponge. Then, you may clean the foam utilising the garden hose. The same thing works for wrought iron furniture.

Wicker pieces of furniture are wonderful indeed, but at the same time require regular maintenance. In case you are planning to get gardening assistants, ask if the firm also offers patio furniture maintenance.

Get rid of scratches. Nicks and scratches on furniture made of wood can be easily removed. You can utilise crayons, artist paints, or just scrub the affected areas with coffee grounds or teabags. Remember that these cleaners are effective only when it comes to little damages. If you’ve got to cope with serious cracks, you should find an alternative method for “masking” the scratch.
Place flowerpots. You may have the most elegant furniture, but you should also consider getting some flowerpots and create a marvelous outdoor seating area. If you’re not into crafts and arts, you could check for a firm experienced in landscape gardening or be patient and search for some design ideas on the Internet.

Polishing – as time passes your wooden furniture loses its initial shine. To restore the primary condition of the outdoor table and chairs, you need to consider polishing them. To make surfaces smooth, you need some sandpaper. Once you are done sanding, clean the dust build-up with a damp rag and add a layer of wooden polishing product. If needed, add a second one.

When you carry out these projects, the only thing you have to do is to choose how you would like to spend the nice evenings in your garden. It’s up to you whether to organise a cookout or take a favourite book and enjoy the tranquillity and greenery.

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