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November 8, 2017
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Cleaning ServicesUsing less water is not only economically viable, but it is also the right thing to do. You want to use just enough water, without compromising the result of your home cleaning efforts.

Water conservation doesn’t need to involve complicated machinery or practices. Some common sense and a proper consideration of your actions are more than enough to reduce the amount of water you use. Following are few practical tips you can take in that direction:

  • Save when doing laundry – the main way you can save water when doing laundry is to wait till you have a full load. Don’t run the laundry with a few clothes as that is only going to up your water and electricity bills. If you need to clean something right away, but you don’t have a full load yet, then you can always resort to hand washing. You can also pay more attention to the detergent you use. Some brands are effective enough even at low temperatures. Even though washing at low temperature doesn’t necessarily mean less water used, it is still preferable, as it allows you to use the eco setting on your washing machine.
  • Save water in the kitchen – investing in a dishwasher is the way to go, if you really wish to save water in the kitchen. Instead of wasting water on hand washing, this appliance can deal with more dishes simultaneously with much less water. It is going to have a significant impact on your bill. You should run the dishwasher only when it is full. If possible, use an eco-option that does the job fast. Pick the cleaning solution well, as there are some that do wonders on the quick wish.
  • Save water in the bathroom – if you want to use less water in general, then the bathroom is a room you should focus on. If you think about it, the bathroom has a sink, tub and shower, all providing easy access to water. The main problem is that cleaning the place is often required on a regular basis, due to the high amount of moisture there. If you invest a little effort in wiping down the shower screen and floor after you take a shower, you can bet that the room will be in need of less maintenance. When cleaning, use a product that can be applied directly on the surface, instead of needing a whole bucket of water.
  • Save water when washing your hands – never run the tap while scrubbing your hands. Just get enough soap and water to get a good lather going, and turn the tap off. That way you can focus on getting every inch of your hands clean, while not worrying about the running water.
  • Save water in the garden – you can save water in the garden by reusing it from other activities: hand washing clothes, toys or dishes for instance. While the water isn’t ‘clean’ in the traditional sense, it won’t harm your plants. If you can, collect rainwater and use that for your watering needs.

As you can see, there are many ways to save water in the garden or at home while dealing with cleaning chores. It is up to you to implement them in your daily routine.

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