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May 8, 2017
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May 21, 2017

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If you are willing to find another purpose to typical household products, you should definitely continue reading and get familiar with the different applications of toothpaste. Yes, you’ve read correctly. You could utilise its unbelievable cleaning properties and achieve the same results you would get using a top-shelf cleaning solution.

– Rug stain removal – Instead of investing energy and time into treating spills with special cleaning detergents, rub intensely and rinse, just apply toothpaste directly to the affected place. Gently scrub with an old toothbrush, wipe with a damp sponge and repeat if necessary.

– Smartphone and tablet screens – Sad as it might seem, smartphones’ displays are prone to scratching. To remedy this, add a thin layer of toothpaste on the screen and wipe down with a soft, clean cloth.

– Patio furniture maintenance – you can maintain the patio furniture yourself. To achieve a perfect shine you will need to prepare a mixture of water and toothpaste and apply to the furniture. However, know that it will probably get messy, because you must mix the solution with your hands. Get a pair of gloves for this job, to avoid getting covered in toothpaste.

– Ink removal – Ink stains are nearly impossible to get rid of but if you act immediately, you will have all chances of saving your favourite t-shirt or rug that your kids tried to draw on. Add toothpaste directly to the spot and start rubbing. Then, you can proceed with the standard washing process. Keep in mind that you have to avoid using toothpaste that contains whitening agents as they can damage the fabrics.

– Deal with the leather scuffs – Adding toothpaste on leather surfaces could help you get rid of these unwanted scuffs. It works really well on leather items of shoes, furniture, coats, anything made of leather. Add toothpaste on the desired area and buff with a soft cloth.

– Remove crayon from walls – Parents know that incidents happen. It seems that kids regard the walls as blank canvases where they can create wonderful pieces of art. If the walls at your home have had the same fate, there is no reason to worry. Add toothpaste onto a damp cloth and carefully rub the wall. Rinse and then let it dry.

– Remove coffee rings once and for all – Toothpaste can completely eliminate those irritating coffee rings from your living room table. Rub some toothpaste onto the ring and wipe dry. For good results, use olive oil or a special furniture polisher after the treatment.

– Shine brass and silver – If you’ve got to cope with heavy-duty grunge, add toothpaste on the brass or silver items and let the paste sit overnight. Polish with a soft, dry rag.

So, think twice the next time you are tempted to buy a widely advertised commercial cleaning product. There is always a less expensive and efficient solution to the typical cleaning issues and toothpaste is a vivid example of that.

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