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December 5, 2015
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Cleaning Service London

When you have an oven, you need to ensure that you are cleaning it well. The real key to cleaning your oven effectively is what you use to clean it. In this article, you will find some fantastic Oven Cleaning London tips which you could use to clean your oven.

1. Determine what kind of oven you have

The very first thing you need to figure out what sort of oven you have. There are different types of ovens on the market and the type that you have will determine the best way to clean it. For example, you can find self-cleaning ovens which allow you to heat the oven to a high enough temperature so that food as well as other junk in the oven are effectively turned to ash and are easy to remove after that. A different type of ovens is the textured oven which has a porcelain layer that is designed to burn whatever spills while you’re actually using your oven. And finally, you will find standard ovens that don’t have any type of cleaning features and require hand cleaning to maintain.

2. Take out the oven racks

If you are planning to clean your oven, do not forget to remove the oven racks. You can place these shelves carefully into a sink full of warm water and clean them fully with soap water.

3. Detergents

When cleaning your oven, you need to ensure that you prepare the right agents to effectively clean. Some of the equipment that you need when cleaning your oven include baking soda, water, rubber gloves, a dish cloth, a spatula, a spray bottle, and white vinegar.

When you have removed the racks, you will want to make your baking soda mixture. You can do this by mixing your baking soda with a few tablespoons of water. You’ll want to use the right amount to get a paste that has an excellent consistency.

Once you finish creating the paste, you’ll have to spread it all throughout the interior of your oven. Try not to put the paste on your oven’s heating elements. Make sure you also use gloves to do this as it is very likely that your oven is dirty. The baking soda will probably turn into a brownish colour when you are rubbing it onto your oven. Make sure that you pay close attention to areas that are very greasy.

Once you have completed this, you will have to wait 12 hours or keep the paste on during the night. After that, you need to get a wet cloth and wipe the inside of your oven. You can use a spatula in order to scrape the paste off. After this, you can spray vinegar into the oven to fully clean it. Pop in your oven shelves, and your oven should be completely clean.

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