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June 13, 2017
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We’ve all felt the pain in the head (or chest) when we see how grimy and greasy our oven gets after a few cooking runs. Cleaning all of that filth, glued to the surface can get very difficult and raw, to the point where you start to wonder if it’s even worth putting the effort in cleaning it or simply throwing it away. Well, it is worth it, but not in the conventional way. Here’s a way that would ease the hard work you put into cleaning the oven.

– Remove all the things inside – to start, you must remove whatever is inside – for instance oven racks – and put it somewhere else. It needs to be completely empty.

– The paste – the next step of your not-so-entertaining journey will be to create a mixture of a couple of ingredients. The first step – get a small bowl, or a likewise plate. Inside it, mix up half a cup of baking soda with water – a few tablespoons. That will result in the right consistency.

– What to do with the paste – open up the oven, after that smear the paste on the whole inner surfaces. Nevertheless, be very careful – you should not put paste on the heating elements – that can cause unwanted damage. You may use gloves or not – it’s up to you – and usually depends on the level of filth spread on and in the oven. Gloves are a nice way to make sure you don’t get all this filth on your skin. Give some additional “paste” attention on the grimier areas, and try to cover as much as you can with the {mixture. After you are finished with this activity, let it “sleep” overnight. In the meantime, you may clean your racks.

– After the paste – the next day you are going to require a damp cloth or towel. Try to wipe clean as much of the dry soda as you are able to. Usually|Normally|Typically}, the cloth or towel is enough, but if some areas are harder, try scraping it off with a special brush. Afterwards, you can get your hands on some white vinegar and a spray bottle (can be a small one). Spray wherever you get a sight of paste residue. It has to result in the changing of the paste to a foam-like mix, due to the reaction of the vinegar with the soda.

– Last steps – when you’re done, you need to get the damp cloth or towel, and wipe clean your oven. Now some ovens will need more wiping than others. If yours plays hard-to-get, just add more water and vinegar until it’s really clean and shines like a surface of a new vehicle. If you wish, you may add a drop of essential oil in order to get rid of the vinegar smell.

There you have it – a lovely, easy way to help with the stressful act of oven cleaning. It will cut loose some of the pressure when it comes to the usually anger-inducing, inevitable activity. Well, it will be unnecessary to pay a lot more and receive smaller results when it comes to shining your oven.

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