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September 14, 2016
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A dirty car is definitely a negative impression, it will not just draw harsh looks, but one will definitely not feel comfortable parking it among other clean and spotless cars at a parking lot. A lot of vehicle owners don’t like giving their vehicles an extensive cleaning, but they still understand the significance of doing so and will try to do it themselves. Others would prefer to use a Mobile Car Valeting London business to complete the cleaning job for them; such car owners better understand that a well-maintained vehicle will serve its owner for quite a while.

A comparison between DIY and licensed mobile valeting services to help car owners understand their options better is further outlined below:

DIY and initial valeting costs

If a car owner decides to go the DIY valeting way, they’ll have to purchase various car cleaning tools and valeting detergents which could be very costly. They will still incur the electricity and water fees which when all added, result to very high charges. The only benefit is that they’ll incur the charge of cleaning tools and supplies once in a while. However, when the car owner decides to go professional on their car valeting, they’ll only pay a single fee and their vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned by professionals leading to the best cleaning job. The experts have all the tools required and they will do the job at a rate that can be a lot less compared to DIY initial investment on tools and cleaning products not to mention electricity and water.

Time investment on DIY car valeting

Hours of work will be necessary for one to clean both the outside and inside of their car. The belief that the outside is easy to clean is completely incorrect since dirt gathered on the body panels can in fact be hard to remove. Outside cleaning is indeed harder because parts like the wheels, rims, bumper, grille, windscreen wipers, side mirrors, door handles take longer to clean. The inside requires one to clean the boot, the seats, carpets, interior trim, fascia and doors. A car owner who does everything that will take much time and in the end they might not do a thorough job since they’re tired, doing it alone and lack the right equipment.

Time investment on specialist car valeting

Specialist car valeting firms then again will take only a few hours to thoroughly clean a car as they have the man power and the correct supplies to perform the cleaning duties. Besides, with their experience in car cleaning they most certainly know how to perform an excellent service in the shortest time possible. A car owner who employs a specialist valeting service for their car will be assured of an ideal job within a short time, giving them time to run other tasks.

The comfort

For DIY car valeting, one needs to be at home to carry out the cleaning since they are incurring water and electricity fees. However, with a pro mobile car valeting service it does not really matter, as the car owner can be at the office and still get their car cleaned since the experts will come wherever they are.

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