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Without observing hygiene, germs such as E. coli can cause food-borne illnesses. Although restaurant owners normally devote time to ensure adherence to cleaning guidelines, there are those areas which are very easy to overlook in spite of them being the most touched objects. Actually, not even those tasked with the responsibility of cleaning may even be aware of these spots. Hence below is a list of 5 Commercial Cleaning London recommendations for 5 of the most commonly touched items in a restaurant that need cleaning for the security of both clients and employees.

1. Ketchup bottles

For most restaurants, having spice shakers, hot sauce bottles, ketchup bottles, and other such condiments is a norm. Even though they do help customers enjoy their food more, cleaning them regularly is necessary because of the regular contact with clients. Thus, the task of wiping all the condiment bottles when cleaning tables is a necessity.

2. The back-of-the-house telephone

In typical delivery or carry-out service restaurants, phones are handled by various people hundreds of times daily. Considering the fact that the majority of individuals forget to clean their hands during and after use, transfer of bacteria is quite simple. Therefore, to reduce the spread of bacteria among workers and clients lots of whom wish to use them, it is essential to clean the whole phone receiver with a microfiber towel system or wipes.

3. Menus

The number of customers that go to the toilet, then come out and grab the menu is unbelievable. Even though it’s okay to assume that they’ve all washed their hands, this is sadly not the case. This means that it is really easy for germs to move from table to table if cleaning procedures are not arranged. Cleaning them every time they come back to the hostess stand can resolve this problem. In reality, laminating the menus can make their cleaning less difficult.

4. Fruit skin

Even though it may seem rather odd to wash fruit skins given that the inside is what customers will consume, not cleaning the skin usually leads to sticking the filth in when cutting the fruit with a knife. To avoid contaminating the fruit, soaking it in a simple cleaning solution for ten-fifteen minutes then proceeding to rinse, drain, and store them can guarantee customers eat clean fruits.

5. Can openers

Considering the fact that scrubbing of the mechanism and blade commonly happen between uses, this isn’t the case with the handles. Rather than wipe down the blades with a fresh rug, it’s better to pull off the whole arms from the table and continue soaking them in a clean solution at the end of the day.

However, for each one of the cleaning recommendations explained above, there are a number of other tiny areas that need cleaning on a daily basis to run a sanitized restaurant. Essentially, the most important aspect is to be mindful of the wider atmosphere and to identify those small items which make an enermous impact on the daily procedures of the restaurant. Thus, customers will get to truly enjoy their food and employees will get to work in a healthy working environment. For more info, you should phone 020 3322 6048.

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