6 steps to perfectly clean oven racks6 steps to perfectly clean oven racks

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August 21, 2017
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If you haven’t already cleaned your oven with baking soda, it is about time you did this. This eco-friendly oven cleaning procedure is so successful, it’ll provide you with a perfect effect. But do not be quick to celebrate just yet – you also have to clean the oven racks.

Oven racks usually fall victim to regular spills and other such mishaps during cooking. If this has been the case with your oven, then you totally have to think how to tackle the job. Similar to your oven, it’s not wise to keep racks dirty with spoils and food residue, because it could impact cooking in a negative way. Luckily, cleaning the racks isn’t too demanding.
All you really need is a big enough bathtub and some dishwashing detergent. The method involves continuous soaking, which is needed to soften the gathered spoils. The only thing you must keep in mind is that because of soaking, there will be some downtime before you can utilise rack again. However, if you cook often in that oven, then it makes cleaning racks in such a way all the more worthwhile. Here’s a complete list of stuff you will require and the steps to get racks as good as new again.

All you will require:

· Some old bath towels · Tub · Hot water · Liquid and powdered dishwashing detergent · Sponge or scrub (non-abrasive)· A number of dry towels The step-by-step procedure:
· Get the oven ready – namely, you have to take out everything you possibly keep stored inside. The oven offers some free storage space, and if you are not beyond utilising it, you’ll need to locate some other place for the items.

· Use towels – to be able to prevent scratching of the bathtub, it is ideal to put some old towels in it. By doing that you do not need to worry about a thing. Gently put the racks on the towels.
· Fill in with hot water – next, add hot water to the tub. The racks need to be fully submerged.

· Pour cleaning solution – you’ll need at least half a cup of dishwashing solution. Measure it out carefully. You can either use liquid or powdered. As you add the detergent, whoosh the water around. Afterwards, let the oven racks soak for the night. · Wipe off leftovers – when it is time, you can visually examine the racks. In case there’s any residual gunk, you can clean it off with a non-abrasive sponge or scrub. This is where you can introduce a special oven cleaning solution for some extra kick against stubborn stains.

· Rinse and dry – once you’re finished, wash the racks completely and allow them to dry before you install them back in your oven. That is when they are ready to use!
As you can see, this part of oven cleaning is not as difficult as you think. Now that you know how to clean oven racks, you won’t have any issues with the task.

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