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June 16, 2018
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Window Cleaning Service LondonDeep cleaning the bathroom is not just wishful thinking; it is a necessity. That is not someplace you visit from time to time, but every day. As such, you will do well to focus your home cleaning efforts on keeping it clean and sanitary.

When it comes to bathroom cleaning, there are several areas you need to pay attention to. Following are some tips that will teach you just how to manage the job without wasting too much time and effort. Implement these tips for success:

  • Ceiling, walls and tiled areas – these surfaces take the most of your bathroom and therefore require more attention. You can successfully utilise an all-purpose cleaner by spraying it on them. You can then create a sauna effect by closing the door and letting steam build up inside for about 5 minutes. Wipe down the surfaces with a clean cloth, once the cleaner and moisture have mixed well. You can better keep surfaces clean by applying a coat of water repellent near the shower area. Another good solution for the whole bathroom is mildew-resistant paint.
  • Grout – cleaning grout is tricky, since you cannot just use any product. Grout is porous and develops mould and mildew stains. To get on top of them, you should frequently sanitise the area with bleach. No other tool does a better job than a toothbrush, as it allows precise cleaning of the area. Make sure you ventilate the room properly when working with bleach. If you seal grout every six months or so, you will keep moisture from infiltrating it.
  • Shower – if hard water deposits and grime cover the showerhead, you can use vinegar to your advantage. Pour enough into a plastic bag, and add some water to the mix. Tie the plastic bag around the showerhead and let it sit overnight. It will come out looking as good as new. Plastic curtains and liners can be cleaned in the washing machine. As for shower doors, apply a paste of vinegar and baking soda. Leave it there for an hour and rub with a clean cloth. If you want to be a little preventive, try wiping wet surfaces after showering and ventilate to limit moisture.
  • Hand towels – cleaning those in the washing machine is fine, as long as you use the sanitising option on it. Since these face a lot of moisture, you can bet they harbour plenty of bacteria. Make it a habit to change them every few days. It is better to spread them on a bar, instead of hanging them on a hook.
  • Sink – flushing the drain with baking soda, vinegar and hot water can remove any clogs. Disinfecting wipes do an excellent job against bacteria on the faucet. Flossing the tap around its base is a good idea, as it can remove the gunk from what is otherwise a tough to reach area.

Now that you know how to tackle the bathroom, you are more than ready to face this home cleaning challenge. Be sure to implement all of the tips above, as they can make your job easier.

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