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January 27, 2017
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January 31, 2017

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Is it not strange that people pay so much attention to spring cleaning, when in reality they should be more worried about cleaning in the winter? After all, that’s the time of the year when you shut yourself from the outdoors awful weather conditions and are not able to circulate air for months. That is exactly what many expert domestic cleaners suggest.

Who wants to inhale all of the spoils collected over the hot and open-window summer times of the year? It is unhygienic and completely unhealthy. Your indoor air quality is affected greatly over the course of winter, as it can be up to five times worse than outside. An effective cleaning means that your home is okay during the wintertime.

Just follow this checklist:

Sanitise under furnishings – while addressing your typical vacuum cleaning rounds, don’t overlook to vacuum under furniture too. Simply because that area is normally not in use doesn’t mean that there is zero dust there. Jsut the opposite, if you have been negligent and not addressed the dust there, it has surely become very filthy over time. It should not be too hard to move furniture in the room so that you can clean underneath. Furthermore, don’t forget to clean the underside of furniture too by tilting it to one side.

Disinfect waste bins and trash cans – these objects are regarded as germ centrals and cleaning them before winter season is a shrewd choice. If possible, take them outdoors and give them a decent wash with your yard hose. In case not, cleaning them in the shower area works just as well. One way to deal with this chore in an green-oriented manner is utilising hydrogen peroxide and water in a 50/50 ratio. You can also use bleach.

Clean on top of doors and picture frames – definitely you are regular at cleaning horizontal surfaces like the furniture and countertops. Yet, doors and picture frames collect a lot of dust too, which has to be cleaned. As part of your dusting rounds, ensure you handle these areas, along with: glass surfaces, electric plates, light switches, thermostats, detectors, monitors, books on shelves and upper cabinets.

Winterise your entry area – winterise as in add the necessary equipment there, like a boot scraper. It’s quite valuable for when you have snow on your shoes – instead of tracking it inside, you will leave it all on the scraper. Replace your regular doormat with a tough coir one to ensure you can clean your shoes or boots.
Clean the blades of your ceiling fan from dust – definitely the fan blades contribute to some air movement, but when not doing anything, they do nothing more but collect dust. The quickest way to clean them is by using an old pillowcase. Just cover the blade with the pillowcase and slowly pull back. The dust particles fall inside the case and you’re spared the need to deal with it on the furniture and carpet below.

By tackling each of these jobs, you are sure to better the state of your home for the cold season. That’s what domestic cleaners recommend for a comfy and clean home in the cold season.

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